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September 2011

Project History

The Project was initially approved by the Department of Housing in 2000.The project was first started by M5 in 2003 but soon ran into difficulties and came to a halt.

Another contractor, Mandlethu Civils, was appointed in 2006, which also ran into problems and abandoned the project in 2008.

In 2010 the Department of Human Settlements appointed 26 Emerging Contractors to complete 1289 houses, who were to be project managed the Professional Regional Team (PRT) which appointed Amanz’ abantu to do the Project Management.

The Contractors

The 26 Emerging contactors were scheduled to commence construction in September 2010. The majority of the contractors knew very little about construction when they first started on site.

The 26 contractors consisted of:

  • 7 Foundation contractors
  • 15 Top Structure contractors
  • 4 Plumbing contractors

Project Management Responsibilities

Amanz’ abantu’s responsibilities are primarily to attend to the following:

  • To train the contractors in their various fields, on how to obtain satisfactory quality via on site training etc.
  • To supervise and ensure that the quality produced is satisfactory, including the structural integrity of the raft foundations.
  • To ensure that every item of material used on site is of a suitable quality.
  • To mentor contractors on how to become successful contractors in their own right. This includes purchasing of materials, how to read drawings, how to set out properly, proper understanding of the specifications, how to plan and programme to meet their deadlines, to understand all the Health and Safety requirements on site including safety equipment and how to handle cash flow and deal with their wages.
  • To be able to settle any disputes that arise within the various JV’s and mediate where necessary.
  • To assist with the Social Facilitation to ensure that the Beneficiaries are available when their houses are complete.
  • To deal with the Department where problems arise due to non-payment of contractors certificates and other disputes that the contractors may have with the Department

In conclusion, essentially our goal is to ensure that the Beneficiaries receive good quality houses, in a reasonable timeframe, that they can live in comfortably for years to come.